Use of Photographs at MykoWeb

The photographs throughout MykoWeb (including the Fungi of California) are not in the public domain. They are copyrighted © by the photographers who took them and are used here with their permission.

All photographs from MykoWeb may be used without charge for non-profit, non-commercial educational use, provided the following conditions are met:

  1. Copyright credit shall be given to the photographer.
  2. A link or credit is given to MykoWeb ( as the source of the photograph(s).
  3. For all web use, the copyright notice and link must be near the photo used.
  4. The photographer shall be given notification of each use. (Email addresses of all photographers are at the Fungi of California acknowledgements page.)

Please contact the photographer to negotiate rates for all commercial use of the photographs contained at MykoWeb. For the unauthorized commercial use (or non-commercial use without proper copyright and attribution) of any the photographs contained in MykoWeb or the Fungi of California, the offending party will be billed a minimum of $500 per use.