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Poisonous Mushrooms

Mushrooms: Poisons and Panaceas
by Denis R. Benjamin

coverThis study covers all aspects of mushroom consumption. Using the most current information available, the author explores new understandings of the chemistry and mechanisms of mushroom poisons, as well as the history and sociology of mushrooms, different cultural attitudes towards mushrooms and health benefits of selected species. Physicians, toxicologists, nutritionists and anyone interested in mycology and wild foods should find this book of interest. (Description from Amazon.)

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Handbook of Mushroom Poisoning
edited by David G. Spoerke & Barry H. Rumack

coverThe Handbook of Mushroom Poisoning provides an in-depth examination of mushroom poisoning, including case examples for each toxic class.The book contains specific chapters on mushroom poison pharmacology and approaches to treatment of cases caused by an unknown mushroom or unknown poison. For those who want a broader background, there are sections on gross and microscopic mushroom identification, general information about the types of toxic substances found in various mushroom families, and tables detailing the results of various field and laboratory tests.For those interested in learning more about mushroom poisonings and how to treat them, this book is a must. (Description from Amazon.)

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Poisonous Mushrooms of the Northern United States and Canada
by J. F. Ammarati

coverPortions of this book are comprehensible to informed lay readers, but professional botanists and serious amateur collectors are the main audience. Its keys to identifying poisonous fungi are organized in written flowchart style and cover observations that can be made with the eye, microscope, and chemical reagents. Opening chapters group fungi taxonomically, discussing the field's specialized vocabulary and questions of classification. Latter chapters group poisonous fungi according to their toxins, explaining chemical action and usual medical treatment. Color photos and line drawings of the species follow these identification keys. Bibliographies appear throughout the book, which has an exhaustive glossary and index. Appropriate for academic, medical, and large public libraries. (Laurie Tynan, Huntingdon Cty. Lib...quoted from Amazon.)

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A Colour Atlas of Poisonous Fungi
by A. Bresinsky and H. Besl

coverUsing up-to-date findings, this atlas provides a full colour photographic guide to poisonous fungi, and discusses the methods of treatment likely to prove most effective. It also helps the reader to understand the toxic substances present, the degree of toxicity of each fungus, and its likely effects.

The atlas includes advice on how to deal with fungi in general, and gives emphasis to the explanation of technical terms. Identification keys enable all the Western and Central European genera of lamellate and tubulate fungi, and their poisonous representatives, to be identified. A detailed bibliography completes this comprehensive scientific and medical resource. (Description from the book.)

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