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Mushroom Field Guides #1

Mushrooms Demystified
by David Arora


Mushrooming books do not get better than this! If you are interested in mushrooms (and why else would you be here?) and you don't have this book, you should buy it now! The book has the best introductory material about mushrooming that I have seen. It covers such topics as "what is a mushroom", names and classification, collecting mushrooms, mushroom habitats, and mushroom identification. Mushrooms Demystified is well illustrated with color and b/w photos, although more color photos would be nice. But the heart of the book is the great descriptions and discussion of each species. Over 600 species are given a full description and over 2000 are included in the excellent keys. Mushrooms Demystified is witty, well written, and accurate. It is most useful in the Western United States, but mushroomers everywhere will find much of interest here. A classic!

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All the Rain Promises, and More...
by David Arora


"A hip pocket guide to western (USA) mushrooms". A fabulous field guide, packed with descriptions, color photos, stories and more. Covers hundreds of the distintive mushrooms you are most likely to find in the West, in a size you can carry in the field. A great first mushroom book or a companion to Mushrooms Demystified.

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The Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Mushrooms
by Gary Lincoff


With descriptions and color photographs of over 700 species of North American mushrooms, this may be the most comprehensive field guide to include a photograph of each species covered. The guide lacks keys, but the mushroom photos are arranged by stature type. Silhouettes are provided for the 14 stature types to help you get to the correct section of the color plates. The main problems with the book are with its organization, and they are the fault of the publisher, not the author. All of the color plates are grouped together in the front of the book, followed by the descriptions. This probably cuts down on printing costs, but it means you always have to flip back and forth from front to back to use the book. My main complaint is the use of arbitrarily invented "common" names on the photographic plates. This was a stupid decision based on the ignorance of the publisher. The vast majority of mushroom do not have common names, and the use of these made up common names only confuses things. In spite of these problems, the good photos and descriptions of so many species makes this a book all North American mushroomers should own and one that I always take with me when I travel to the East Coast to mushroom.

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Mushrooms of Northeast North America
by George Barron


A full-color photographic field guide to mushrooms and fungi of the northern United States, from the Midwest to New England. Illustrated with good photos and excellent species information. This one I take with me when I mushroom on the East Coast.

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Mushrooms of West Virginia and the Central Appalachians
by William C. Roody


For both the seasoned mycologist and the novice mushroom hunter, Mushrooms of West Virginia and the Central Appalachians serves as a solid introduction s of the region. Some 400 species are described and illustrated with the author's own stunning color photographs, and many more are discussed in the text. Detailed mushroom descriptions assure confident identifications. Each species account includes remarks about edibility and extensive commentary to help distinguish similar species. A comprehensive glossary of specialized my cological terms is provided. (Description from the publisher.)

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Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest
by Steve Trudell & Joe Ammirati


This compact, beautifully illustrated guide presents descriptions and photographs of 460 of the region's most conspicuous, distinctive, and ecologically important mushrooms. The geographic range covered by the book includes Oregon, Washington, southern British Columbia, Idaho, and westernmost Montana, with an emphasis on the heart of mushroom country: the low- to mid-elevation forest habitats of western Oregon and Washington. In addition to profiles on individual species, Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest also includes a general discussion and definition of fungi; information on where to find mushrooms and guidelines on collecting them; an overview of fungus ecology; and a discussion on mushroom poisoning and how to avoid it. (Description from Amazon.)

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Mushrooms of Hawai'i
by Don E. Hemmes & Dennis E. Desjardin


If you want to mushroom in Hawai'i, this is the only book! And it's a fine book. With lucid writing and more than 400 good quality color photographs, this book is a winner. Taking also into account the fine production values of a good, clear design and printing on quality paper, this book, at $39.95, is a deal! I have written a full Review in the book review section of MykoWeb.

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North American Mushrooms:
A Field Guide to Edible and Inedible Fungi
by Orson K. Miller Jr. & Hope Miller


Alas, the photographs in this book are not the “brilliant color photographs” as stated in the book blurb, but often are very mediocre. Another problem with the book is that the nomenclature was sometimes out-of-date when the book was published. Even with it's problems, it is still a neccesary book for North American mushroomers. (Comment by Mike Wood.)

With more than 600 brilliant color photographs, detailed line drawings, informative and illuminating descriptions, and critical identification keys, North American Mushrooms is the definitive guide to the fungi of the United States and Canada. This comprehensive book for expert and amateur alike offers tips on how, where, and when to collect wild mushrooms; suggestions for culinary uses; a section on mushroom toxins; and pictorial keys and glossaries to aid the user in precise identification. This is a must-have reference book for anyone interested in wild mushrooms, their uses, and their habitats. (Description from the book.)

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Mushrooms and Other Fungi
of the Midcontinental United States
by D.M. Huffman, L.H. Tiffany, G. Knaphus, & R. A. Healy

coverMidwesterners should rejoice at the reissue of Mushrooms and Other Fungi of the Midcontinental United States. With expanded coverage of 24 additional species and many new photos, this guide will serve as a primary resource for mushroom hunters and general naturalists who want a fuller understanding of these fascinating organisms. It includes field keys to 248 species using nontechnical language and glossary-supported mycological terms, thus making the text throughout accessible to the novice as well as the experienced mycologist. This guide will prove useful well beyond the geographical parameters stated in the title but can best be appreciated by those within the region for which it is intended. (Bill Roody...quoted from Amazon)

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A Guide to Kansas Mushrooms
by Richard Kay & Dean Abel


In this book, the authors offer a myriad of how-to's when stalking and using mushrooms, from identifying an Old Man in the Woods to sauteing a tasty Volvariella bombycina. Besides providing both the Latin and common names and descriptions of 235 species found in the state, they have included 150 color photographs of common and not so common species, a nontechnical key for identification, a calendar of fungal fruiting seasons, and a list of all 548 species that have been located in Kansas. And for those rusty on their Latin, they've included a guide to the origin and pronunciation of Latin names. (Description from Amazon)

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Field Guide to North American Truffles:
Hunting, Identifying, and Enjoying the World's Most Prized Fungi
by Matt Trapper, Frank Evans, & James Trappe

coverThe first full-color illustrated guide to identifying North American truffles by their key features, including profiles of more than 80 species of truffles. Includes more than 80 photographs of rare and hard-to-find truffle species. Features flavor profiles, delectability index, and culinary tips for each species. Perfect size for carrying in a pocket or daypack. (Comments from the publisher.)

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