In the early days of the World Wide Web, "awards" were commonly given to good websites. Of course, the real purpose was to get the awardee to put a link on their page to the awarder. This practice has faded into the deep shadows of early web history! Here are some awards given to MykoWeb in the early days:

Coolest Science Site January, 1997 Hot Site 27 January 1997
WebPick1 October 1997
(for Bay Area Fungi)
Best of the WebDecember, 1997
BioMed Link three star 'INDISPENSABLE' siteJuly, 1998
(for Bay Area Fungi)
Neartcia editor's choiceSeptember, 1998
Links 2 Go Key ResourceNovember, 1998 101.com Recommended SiteJanuary, 2000
Food Site of the DayMarch 25, 2002 Britannica Internet Guide AwardFebruary, 2000
Learning Kingdom's Cool Site of the Day
August 17, 1998

S. F. Chronicle PageMaster review (March 19, 1998)