The North American Species of Pholiota

25. Pholiota cyathicola (Murrill) comb. nov.

Naucoria cyathicola Murrill, Mycologia 4: 77. 1912.

Pileus 7-12 mm broad, hemispheric-umbonate to convex, isabelline, umbo pale-fulvous, dry, innately fibrillose, margin even.

Lamellae squarely adnate, whitish to pale ochraceous, distant.

Stipe 2 cm long, 1.5 mm thick, cylindric, isabelline, fibrillose, cartilaginous. Veil not evident except as fibrils on stipe and pileus.

Spores 6-7 x 3.5-4 µ, elliptic in face view, ends often subacute, in profile slightly inequilateral, smooth, dark tawny in KOH, no germ pore evident.

Basidia 16-20 x 4-5.5 µ, 4-spored. Pleurocystidia 44-69 x 9-12 µ and fusoid-ventricose, or saccate-pedicellate, imbedded and 30-45 x 10-18 µ, thin-walled, smooth, hyaline or nearly so in KOH. Cheilocystidia 28-37 X 8-12 µ, fusoid-ventricose with obtuse apex, smooth, thin-walled.

Gill trama with a central non-gelatinous stratum of subparallel hyphae 2-4 µ broad; subhymenium gelatinous. Pileus cutis of nongelatinous brown obscurely incrusted hyphae more or less appressed to surface, beneath this a layer of appressed non-gelatinous hyphae. Clamp connections present.

Habit, Habitat, and Distribution: On dead trunks of tree ferns, Jamaica. Type studied.

Observations: This species, obviously related to P. corticola in the structure of the gill trama, presence of pleurocystidia and spore features, is, because of the gelatinous subhymenium somewhat peripheral in subg. Flavidula.