The North American Species of Pholiota

126. Pholiota bakerensis sp. nov.

Illustrations: Pl. 60a.

Pileus 2-5 cm latus, obtusus demum convexus, deinde planus vel leviter depressus, "ochraceous-tawny," margine paene "avellaneous," viscidus, ordines agglutinatarum squamularum circum idem centrum gerens. Caro pallido-"avellaneous"; gustus mitis, odor leviter fragrans. Lamellae adnatae, "tawny-olive," confertae. Stipes 3-5 cm longus, 3-5 mm crassus, pallidus, fibrillosus, infra "clay-color." Sporae 7-9 x 4-5 µ, ellipsoideae demum ovoideae, leves. Pleurocystidia 50-70 x 9-14 µ. Cheilocystidia 30-40 x 9-12 µ, fusoide ventricosa demum subellipsoideo-pedicellata. Cuticula gelatinosa. Specimen typicum in Herb. Univ. Mich. conservatum; lectum prope Mt. Baker, Washington, 8 Sept. 1941, Smith 16727.

Pileus 2-5 cm broad, obtuse to broadly convex young, plane or disc broadly and shallowly depressed in age, the margin usually arched, surface viscid, opaque, "ochraceous-tawny" on disc, near "avellaneous" over marginal area, with one or more concentric rows of agglutinated fibrillose squamules. Context thin and pliant, pale watery avellaneous; taste mild, odor faintly fragrant.

Lamellae adnate, short decurrent by a tooth, "tawny-olive" 3-4 mm broad, about equal, close, about 32 reach the stipe and 2 tiers of lamellulae between each, edges serrulate.

Stipe 3-5 cm long, 3-5 mm thick, equal, solid or hollowed by worms, fleshy-pliant, surface pallid from a thin coating of pale buff fibrils, with an evanescent apical fibrillose zone, more or less glabrescent and thin, "clay-color" at least over lower part.

Spores 7-9 x 4-5 µ, elliptic to obscurely ovate in face view, obscurely inequilateral to obscurely bean-shaped in profile, dull tawny in KOH, smooth, apical pore minute.

Basidia 4-spored, 18-20 x 6-7 µ, yellow in KOH in sections of hymenium. Pleurocystidia 50-70 x 9-14 µ, abundant, fusoid-ventricose, apices obtuse and often with refractive particles in the neck and apex, yellow in KOH from the pale colored wall which is very slightly thickened in lower neck and upper ventricose portion. Cheilocystidia 30-40 x 9-12 µ, fusoid-ventricose to nearly elliptic-pedicellate, some with refractive content (as in chrysocystidia), pale yellow in KOH, or some similar to pleurocystidia in size or shape.

Gill trama with a floccose central strand flanked by a very narrow subgelatinous subhymenial layer as revived in KOH (not evident on all sections). Pileus trama floccose-interwoven and hyaline to yellowish in KOH, no distinct hypoderm showing as a colored layer. Cuticle gelatinous, of appressed interwoven yellow (in KOH) incrusted hyphae, 4-6 µ in diameter. Clamp connections present.

Habit, Habitat, and Distribution: Scattered on conifer sticks, Washington, September, Smith 16727, type.

Observations: The lack of a colored hypoderm, the very weak development of the gelatinous subhymenium, and the thin coating of buff fibrils on the stipe appear distinctive along with spores which are up to 9 µ long.