The North American Species of Crepidotus

Ex 13. Melanotus fumosifolius (Murr.) Murr., Mycologia 10: 16. 1918.

Crepidotus fumosifolius Murr., Mycologia 5: 31. 1913.

Pileus 2-3 cm broad, sessile, dimidiate or reniform, expanded at maturity, whitish or with ochraceous tints, glabrous or slightly pruinose, margin even.

Lamellae narrow, crowded, becoming very dark-fuscous or almost purplish.

Spores 5.5-7 x 4.5-5 µ, ellipsoid or sublenticular, smooth, with a germ-pore. Pleurocystidia none; cheilocystidia 36-42 x 3-4 µ, cylindric, collapsed against the gill edge (not conspicuous). Gill trama undulating subparallel, hyphae narrow. Pileus trama interwoven. Cuticle of repent hyphae. Clamp connections on the hyphae of the pileus trama.

Habit, Habitat, and Distribution: On log, Jamaica, October.

Material Studied: JAMAICA: Earle, No. 292, type (NY), from Rose Hill, Oct. 30, 1902.

Observations: This is close to M. flavolivens (= M. musaecola), which has broader cheilocystidia and a more fibrillose pileus.